Luggage Policy

Each Firefly Coach has plenty of space for your baggage. Your ticket includes free transportation of 45kg of luggage per passenger, two suitcases or lockable carry bags of 20kg each. This must be placed in the luggage compartment. One small handbag or carry bag under 5kg. This can be taken on board. Please ensure that all of your luggage is labelled with your name, address and contact phone number to avoid any confusion. Our friendly drivers are more than happy to help you load your luggage into the luggage compartment.
We strongly recommend you have an appropriate level of travel insurance.
Additional Luggage
Any extra pieces of luggage will be charged at $20 per piece. Each item must be clearly marked with your full name, address and contact number. Each extra piece of luggage must not exceed 20kg
Special Luggage
Luggage exceeding the allowable limit and or exceeding normal sizes of luggage or any boxed item will be considered freight and charged accordingly, (e.g. Surfboards, ski equipment and musical instruments, bikes or freight) and depending on available space are not guaranteed to depart on requested service, may be held for next available service.
Bicycles, scooters and skateboards
Bicycles of a standard size and without superstructure (max. 25kg) may be carried on most services depending on available space at an additional fee of $30.
If sufficient space if not available the bicycle on the same service it may be held for the next available service.
E-Bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards any other e-recreational vehicles are not permitted. Lithium-ion batteries for these vehicles are not permitted because they pose a unique hazard during transport.
Strollers/ Wheelchairs/ Walking aids
Strollers, wheelchairs and walking aids will be carried free in the luggage area if travelling on the same service as the passenger and must be registered with us at least 36 hours before departure. Please note that due to safety reasons, wheelchairs can only be taken along if they are foldable and without an electric device if not required inside the vehicle.