Frequently Asked Questions

Before your trip

When is my desired travel date available for booking?
You are able to book your ticket online up to six months in advance, on all services, as long as seats are still available.
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How do I find my bus stop?
The easiest way is to look for your stop is on our website. Select "Schedules and Timetables" and then all services will appear. Next select the service, a list of stops will appear. Scroll down the list till you find the stop you require. On the right side of the list of that stop you will find a map icon. Select that stop and a map of that stop will appear.
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How do I book a ticket?
The easiest way is to book your trip is directly on our website using your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Your booking is confirmed once payment is received. Your E-ticket is then sent to you by email, and you can print it or simply show it on your smartphone when you board. Furthermore, you can be sure that you will always get the best price when booking online, with exclusive offers to online bookings.
You can also book your trips over the phone by contacting our customer service on 1300 730 740 during office hours, at our ticket outlets and directly with the bus driver. Please note that you will pay a higher price if paying the bus driver and will only be able to purchase a ticket if there are free spaces available. Special and reduced fares are not available when purchasing your ticket on the bus. The receipt for cash payments at the bus also serves as the ticket/ booking confirmation.
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Problems with booking online - what should I do?
If you are experiencing problems when booking online , most times it is due to your internet browser. Therefore we suggest you try the following before calling Firefly Reservations:
1. Use a different browser,
2. Empty your cache and delete your cookies and then restart your browser and try again, or
3. Update your current browser. We use very high security standards and our sites are optimised for new versions of browsers.

If you have still not managed to find a solution to your problem, then please call 1300 730 740. We are always here to help.
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Can I change, rebook or cancel my booking?
All Firefly Tickets are not refundable.
If you do not travel on the booked date, your ticket is not refundable or transferable.
Sale fares apply to limited seats available online only. These fares are non-transferrable and non-refundable.
We are able to change your travel date up to 48 hours before your original departure date.
To change your ticket to travel on a different date, You can make changes to your booking via the “Manage Booking” function on our website, or call our reservations centre on 1300 730 740.
We will not accept email requests for changes, at any time.
A change in travel date will incur a $15.00 transfer fee, per person, per sector. A change in travel date may also incur an upgrade fee, per person, per sector. An upgrade fee is only applicable if the new travel date selected is at a higher fare than the original travel date purchased.
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Can I reserve a seat?
Yes you can request a seat preference after making a booking by calling the reservation centre 1300 730 740 and let us know your booking number and seat preference.
All seat requests are not guaranteed
, but you will always be guaranteed a seat for your booking on our service.

A seat must be purchased for all infants or children.
We strongly recommend that all infants and or children travelling on any Firefly Express service, are restrained in an appropriate "child restraint" or "booster seat" that is applicable to their age or size, as is considered an appropriate "restraint or booster" by "Road Safety Road Rules 2017." The decision of the parent and or guardian is at their sole discretion, and we do not accept any responsibility or liability in anyway for the decision made by the parent or guardian, or any loss or damage, or any cost or expense incurred by any person as a direct or indirect consequence of that decision. Where the child is of a suitable age or size, as a minimum, the seat belts provided should be used.
Children will not be seated in the front row, unless all the other seats are taken up by other children.
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Group trips - What options are there?
If you want flexible options and to travel as you wish, you can charter your own bus with driver by contacting us. Pick up at your doorstep, direct transportation to your destination, use of the bus at your destination upon request.
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Can I charter my own bus?
If you would like to go somewhere not covered by our regular service, you have the option of chartering a bus. You are guaranteed complete flexibility and comfort while you travel.
To charter a coach go to Hire a Bus at the top of the page and fill in the details of your journey and we will reply by email to your request.
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Travelling with an Assistance Animal and the need for an
Assistance Animal Pass.
To travel with an Assistance Animal, an Assistance Animal Pass much be presented.

To receive a pass, you’ll need to to apply and show that your assistance animal is trained to help alleviate the effect of your disability along with meeting hygiene and behaviour standards appropriate for a public place.

A single Assistance Animal is permitted to travel with the passenger who is dependent upon the animal to travel.

The Assistance Animal will travel with the passenger in the seating compartment, provided a seat beside the passenger is available.
You are required to supply absorbent matting and meet the animal’s needs during travel.

Not all animals are assistance animals, even if they assist you in some way. Companion, therapy and facility animals are not considered assistance animals. House training and general obedience aren’t enough to qualify your animal for an Assistance Animal Pass.
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During your trip

Do I need a ticket to get onto the bus?
To travel on a Firefly service you must show your driver either, an electronic copy of your ticket OR a printed copy of your ticket OR a valid Firefly booking number. Photo ID must be produced on request. If a ticket was purchased from the driver, the receipt also serves as a ticket.
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Do I need a personal identification to get onto the bus?
Photo ID must be carried with you at all times when travelling on a Firefly service . Photo ID must be presented on request. Failure to do so may lead to a cancellation / termination of your travel arrangements with Firefly. Firefly or any of its agents accept NO responsibility or liability in anyway , for any loss, damage , cost or expense incurred by a person as a direct or indirect consequence of not producing photo ID on request.
How many items of luggage can I take on board?
The Company accepts no liability for lost or damaged luggage. The company recommends that sufficient luggage insurance be obtained. Luggage allowance per person - 2 x suitcases or travel bags, not to exceed 20kg each and a small carry bag that does not exceed 5kg. Any extra pieces of luggage will be charged at $20 per piece. Each item must be clearly marked with your full name, address and contact number. Luggage exceeding the allowable limit, or any boxed item will be considered freight and charged accordingly. Hoverboards will not be carried.
Can I take my bicycle with me?
When you travel on one of our buses you are able to bring bicycles of a standard size and without superstructures (max. weight of 25kg) with you. There is an additional fee of $30 per bicycle. We will make every effort to have carry the bicycle on the same service as you, but If adequate space is not available on that service the bicycle will be held and carried on the next available service.
In order to check the possibility of taking an bicycle with you, please contact our customer service at 1300 730 740
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Can I take my musical instrument on board?
Musical instruments are considered as bulky luggage and must be transported in the luggage compartment of the bus in an appropriate transportation case. We recommend a hard case to avoid any damage. In this case each item will be an additional cost to your booking. To obtain the applicable charges call our customer service team on 1300 730 740, before your departure.
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Can I take my pet on board?
For safety reasons we do not allow animals on board our coaches unless they’re a guide dog, hearing dog, guide or hearing dog in training or have an Assistance Animal Pass or interstate assistance animal accreditation. Companion, therapy, facility and emotional support animals are not considered assistance animals and your animal must qualify for an Assistance Animal Pass.
I may be slightly late. Will the bus wait for me?
Our buses travel on scheduled routes and operate to a timetable. Unfortunately it is not possible for the bus driver to wait for passengers that are late. Therefore we ask that you give yourself plenty of time and arrive at your bus stop at least 30 minutes before your departure time.
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How are the buses equipped? Are there toilets, drinks, snacks, plug sockets, internet?
Each of our buses are equipped with air conditioning, an on board toilet, reading lamps and comfortable seats. You can take a drink & snack on board . All drinks must be in a soft plastic bottle with a twist top only, so that you can re-seal it once you have used it. We do not allow hot foods or hot drinks or glass bottles on board for the comfort & safety of all passengers.
On the majority of our buses you will find USB sockets, also free Wi-Fi is available powered by: TOMIZONE. Due to the nature of our service route we do not guarantee 100% coverage, as part of your journey maybe in an area that is not accessible via wireless coverage or that it is not possible for all our passengers to use the Wi-Fi simultaneously. In some cases our free Wi-Fi and on board USB sockets may not be available, including but not limited to, if replacement buses are used or if you have purchased one of the tickets that we sell for our partners.
Can I use my mobile phone or smart device on board ?
When on board, we ask you kindly to consider the comfort of all passengers . Therefore we ask that you turn off your ringtone and only use your mobile phone to make a call if it is of an urgent nature.
Also if you are using your mobile phone, smart device, laptop to watch a movie or listen to music, we ask you to consider the comfort of all passengers and only do so when using headphones, keeping the volume and screen brightness at the lowest level, at all times.
Are there any breaks?
On some of our journeys there are scheduled "meal break" stops for your comfort & convenience. Principally, our aim is to take you to your destination as efficiently as possible, so we do not offer extra breaks. Our on board toilet also means that even on long routes it is not necessary to make additional stops.
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Is smoking allowed?
Smoking on board our buses is not permitted, electronic cigarettes are also forbidden. However, you can exit the bus at the scheduled "rest break", just ask the bus driver how long the bus will wait at the stop.
What about safety on the bus?
On long distance buses, similar to passenger cars, there are seatbelts. Every seat is fitted with a seatbelt and must be fastened for the duration of your journey.
Luggage, additional luggage, and bulky luggage will be transported in the luggage compartment of the bus. Your bus driver will ensure efficient and safe loading of the luggage . You should stow your hand luggage safely in the compartment above the seats.
Your safety is our first priority. All of our vehicles and electronic equipment on board our buses are tested and regularly serviced. All of our drivers are specialized in passenger transportation and receive regular training. Our drivers must, without exception, strictly comply with the legally required rest periods and driving times. Therefore it may be the case there are scheduled breaks. If there are delays in the travel schedule unplanned interim breaks may be required, in exceptional cases. We thank you for your understanding.
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After your trip

When is my desired travel date availI have left something on the bus. What should I do?able for booking?
If you have lost or found something on board one of our buses, simply complete our Lost Property Form or call our customer service team on 1300 730 740
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Can't find the answer to your question?
Simply complete our Contact Us Form and let us know your concern. We'd be happy to help you! You can also reach our customer service team on 1300 730 740
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