4 Captivating Stops to Discover Between Melbourne and Sydney

1. Fowles Winery

Make a delightful stop at Fowles Winery, conveniently located near Avenel, just off the Hume Highway. Besides its renowned selection of award-winning wines, Fowles Winery also offers a delightful Tuscan-inspired culinary experience at their cellar door cafe.

Take in the breathtaking views of the Strathbogie Ranges from the outdoor courtyard as you indulge in a scrumptious brunch featuring antipasti, caprese salad, and delectable deli bites.

Fowles Winery

2. Wangaratta

Located just 125 km north of Fowles Winery, the regional city of Wangaratta in north-east Victoria offers a fantastic opportunity to stretch your legs and explore. This vibrant city is packed with attractions, including art galleries, festivals, remarkable eateries, and picturesque parks, making it hard to leave.

Wangaratta also serves as a central hub for several nearby towns and villages, each with its own unique charm. Here are three noteworthy places to visit:

  1. Eldorado: Immerse yourself in history and character in this quaint township, situated only 25 minutes away from Wangaratta. Discover the authentic gold rush settlement, embark on a bike ride through Woolshed Valley, try your luck at gold panning, or even participate in a pottery class.
  2. Milawa: Just 18 km southeast of Wangaratta lies Milawa, nestled in one of Australia's oldest gourmet regions. This small town is a haven for food and wine enthusiasts, offering an array of incredible dining options. From vineyards to cheese factories, mustard stores to bakeries, you'll have endless choices to create a delectable packed lunch for your next stop.
  3. Glenrowan: Delve into history at Glenrowan, a mere 14 km from Wangaratta, where the final siege and capture of infamous bushranger Ned Kelly took place. Explore the local museum and embark on a historic walk around town, learning intriguing facts about Ned Kelly along the way.

Make the most of your road trip by exploring these captivating destinations around Wangaratta before continuing your journey to Sydney.


3. Albury

Make a memorable stop at the picturesque city of Albury, located in New South Wales, and prepare to be enchanted by its offerings.

Take a moment to unwind in the stunning 19th-century botanic gardens, where meandering pathways invite you to escape from the roadside and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the remarkable Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk, which stretches along the Murray River. This captivating trail showcases 13 awe-inspiring sculptures designed by local Aboriginal artists. As you admire these creations, you'll also gain insights into the rich Indigenous history that surrounds the Albury area.

Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk

4. Goulburn

Located approximately three and a half hours from Albury and two hours from Sydney, Goulburn is a noteworthy destination to include in your road trip.

As Australia's first inland city and a significant agricultural hub, Goulburn attracts visitors with its unique charm. One of its standout attractions is the 'Big Merino', a colossal monument standing at an impressive 97 tonnes and 15 meters in height. Take the opportunity to snap some memorable selfies with this iconic sheep statue and discover more about the attractions and experiences Goulburn has to offer.

Before you realise it, your journey will lead you through the bustling CBD of Sydney, marking the culmination of your remarkable road trip.

Big Merino

Your adventure starts here.