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Do you have a question with regards to your booking or your trip with Firefly Express? Here you can find the answers to the most common questions and contact information about our customer service. > FAQ

Services On Board

In order to make your journey as comfortable as possible, Firefly Express offers a wide range of different services on board for you. > Details of our services on the bus

Luggage Policy

Read our Luggage policy before your bus travel and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much Luggage you can take on one of our buses!> Firefly Express Luggage policy

Child Restraints

Read our Child Restraints policy for the safety of your children on board. > Firefly Express Child Restraints Policy

Lost & Found

It you have lost something on board one of our coaches you can contact us at Firefly Express on 1300 730 740 or fill in the information on line > Contact information for our lost property office

Conditions of Carriage

Read our Condition of Carriage. If something comes up and you need to change your trip, you can do this by contacting Firefly Express on *1300 730 740 at least 48 hrs. before the original travel time and date. > Firefly Express Condition of Carriage

Cancellation & Amendment Charges

See cancellation and changes policy > Firefly Express Cancellation & Amendment Charges Policy


Read our Freight Service on of our buses!> Firefly Express Freight Service


Read about any emplyment opportunity in our company. > Firefly Express Employment


Important links on our Associates and Travel> Firefly Express Links


Read about our fleet. > Firefly Express Fleet

About Us

Read about our company> About Firefly Express

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