Schedule of Charges

Depot to Depot Freight Services

Important Notice :

Insurance on freight sent with Firefly is not supplied by Firefly, therefore it is expected and recommended that the sender take out sufficient insurance to cover the replacement cost of items being freighted, as either envelope/satchel, parcel of bulk freight.

Hoverboards will not be carried.

Envelopes / Satchels :

Envelope/Satchel Size Price
Up to 500g or 355mm x 220mm $ 5.50
Up to 3 kg or 405mm x 310mm $ 11.00

Parcel Freight :

Note : each individual parcel must not exceed 20 kg in weight. On measuring, if any dimension (as listed below) is exceeded then the next size cost will be applied.
Parcel Size Price
Minimum charge $ 22.00
40cm height x 40cm width x 40cm length $ 33.00
50cm height x 50cm width x 50cm length $ 44.00
60cm height x 60cm width x 60cm length $ 55.00
70cm height x 70cm width x 70cm length $ 66.00
80cm height x 80cm width x 80cm length $ 77.00
90cm height x 90cm width x 90cm length $ 88.00
100cm height x 100cm width x 100cm length $ 99.00

All individual items of freight exceeding 20 kg's in weight or the maximum dimensions of 100cm x 100cm x 100cm, or both, will be considered bulk freight , and therefore will be charged accordingly. Please call 1300 730 740 for further information.

Passenger Excess Luggage :

Any items exceeding 20Kgs will be charged as below:
Weight (Kg) Cost ($) (per item)
1-5 $ 20.00
6-10 $ 25.00
11-15 $ 30.00
16-20 $ 35.00
21-25 $ 40.00
26-30 $ 45.00
31-35 $ 50.00
36-40 $ 55.00
41-45 $ 60.00
46-50 $ 65.00

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Dangerous Goods


Explosives Flares, safety cartridges, primers cap type, ammunition, caps for toy pistols, fireworks
Flammable Gases Aerosols, L.P. gas, butane cigarette lighters
Non Flammable Non Toxic Cylinders of compressed air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, fly sprays, fire extinguishers
Toxic Gas Chlorine gas, insecticides and nitric oxide
Flammable Liquid Some essential oils, methylated spirits, petrol, paints, white spirits, most perfumes, finger nail polish
Flammable Solid Safety matches sulphur, barbeque starters
Spontaneously Combustible Substances Phosphorus, other powders, sodium hydrosulphate
Dangerous When Wet Sodium metal, other metal powders, magnesium alloys
Oxidizing  Substance Some pool chemicals, bleaches, nitric acid, hair dyes
Organic Peroxide Fibreglass repair kits
Toxic Substances Many agriculture chemicals, herbicides and insecticides, chloroform
Radioactive Material Medical isotopes, scientific samples, some smoke detectors
Corrosives Battery acid, spirits of salts, sanitizing agents, mercury
Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods Dry ice, batteries, life saving appliances - may contain dangerous goods such as matches and flares
Magnetized Material Magnets
Cryogenic Liquid Containers for carriage of semen used in animal or human reproduction programmes

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